* N-Series Collector’s Edition NFT #N3  

Imaginary worlds of Neo verse.
Aleksandr has created a triptych, a series of 3.. digital illustrations dedicated to the $Neo Smart Economy. You can see worlds built around basic elements such as water, earth, and air.
All three illustrations are dedicated to the main constructions of the world. Each vision represents a journey into the world of innovation and technology, where time and strong teamwork play a key role.
By collecting these elements to create the worlds, the audience could dive into the world of Neo and experience the technology of the future, jump onto a Neo spaceship and travel with the community to explore new horizons, and be a resident of the golden era within the Neo world.
Artwork 1: Nero (Water)
Artwork 2: Aeras (Air)
Artwork 3: Xira (Land)

Rules of the game  neoverse.neo.org
available collectibles  ghostmarket.io


New project in which I have been involved in the past 5 weeks.
Special thanks and great respect to the amazing team of neo.org for the incredible opportunity and 100% creative freedom in creating these imaginary worlds. 
It is an honor for me to be a part of this fantastic project.

(game ready assets included in pages)

next steps ...


market activity …

IDEAS\3D\DigitalArt\bespoke NFTs
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