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Aleksandr has created a triptych, a series of three digital illustrations dedicated to the Neo Smart Economy. You can see worlds built around basic elements such as water, earth, and air.
All three illustrations are dedicated to the main constructions of the world. Each illustration represents a journey into the world of innovation and technology, where time and strong teamwork play a key role.
By collecting these elements to create the worlds, the audience could dive into the world of Neo and experience the technology of the future, jump onto a Neo spaceship and travel with the community to explore new horizons, and be a resident of the golden era within the Neo world.
Artwork 1: Nero (Water)
Artwork 2: Aeras (Air)
Artwork 3: Xira (Land)

Nero (Water)
​​​​​​​Xira (Land)

Aeras (Air)  





- a story about 2 souls of lovers, imprisoned in a metal frame of reality.

- a story of a Single soul, imprisoned in a metal frame of reality.

The scifi scenes represents view on the near future of humanity, superiority of Artificial Intelligence. Idea that inspires me through the years. This CGI illustration was published online back in 2012 and was the beginning of my largest collection of 3D mechanical hearts. There are many copies of it around the Internet, which can be found everywhere from music posters, commercials, movies to tattoos and 2d illustrations, concept art. This work has inspired many creative people to create their own designs for the mechanical future of humanity. Finally, this CGI illustration of the technological future will get the chance to become immortal, original 1/1. This token unlocks a new collectible galleries - Artificial Intelligence. New rare items from 2012 to 2021 in this collection will be available for sale.

Every great collecting starts with rare pieces.​​​The main idea is to find and collect all 💎artifacts in the big-game-adventure! This is #05 of my collection with 11 NFT's digital works for every year from 2010 to 2020. Collection contains the rarest artifacts collected over the 15+ years of my career and work on 3D illustrations and Digital Art. CryptoKey unlocks NFTmap for finding all artifacts. Draft of the map can be found in my portfolio. Final big-game-adventure navigation NFTmap for finding artifacts will be provided later. Try to find something rare and special that money cannot buy. Let's keep in touch for the next steps of the game.
A game navigation NFTmap for finding 💎artifacts (work in progress)
This is the #01 of my collection of 11 NFTs art for every year from 2010 to 2020. It is also my first project that was posted on the Internet back in 2010. The quintessence of all love and passion for digital 3D illustrations. (Result of 2 months of hard work, and incredible 90 hours of nonstop rendering.) This year and the following years it was a well-known artwork with awards on the main digital 3D art platforms, publications in various magazines and printed art books. An illustration with its own unique history through the years. The buyer will receive two options in high resolution. 1\1 edition.
(Also, this pack includes all 3D scenes and support 24/7)


next steps coming soon…