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Every great collecting starts with rare pieces...

The main idea is to find and collect all artifacts in the big game adventure! 
Try to find something rare and special that money cannot buy.

The first 2 working days on the project. Sketch the idea, composition and 3D base of the whole image.
Final completion of project - 14-16 working days. 
6 stages of work in total.

1 stage  
(Sketch, basic 3d models)

Next - 2 stage (3 working days) 
(final composition, detailed 3D models of cliffs and vegetation structures, architecture, ship and additional elements)

3 stage (2 working days)
(work with waterfalls and clouds basic 3d models, adding details and water surfaces, underwater part with sharks and corals)

4 stage (2 working days) 
(adding storytelling with characters to each locations)

5 stage (3 working days) 
(working with 3D rendering layers in high resolution 15K-20K pixels, final layout of all layers)

6 stage (3 working days) 
(adding all 2D details of clouds and water surfaces, atmosphere, sandstorm and air. 
Final characters and storytelling. Final polishing of the illustration)

A Simple Idea Can Change Everything for One Big Family.

Thanks for your kind supports, it will help me a lot to finish the project.
Suggestions and comments regarding ideas and process are welcome!

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