Every great collecting starts with rare pieces
inspired by nature
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- a story about 2 souls of lovers, imprisoned in a metal frame of reality.

- a story of a Single soul, imprisoned in a metal frame of reality.

 (don't text and drive)
NEX^T-contract #artbook21
1. It's simple, you buy my artbook pages, I make new ones. win-win tokens!
2. 77 pages in total. The 11 collectors who collects ALL pages will get from ME 49% of all primary sales, distributed equally. This works only as collaboration, collectors and creator - the true Value of NFT art.

#artbook21 include 11 main themes that have inspired me through the years. Little universe, which took 15 years to build, from the beginning of the first key press in 3D software. All digital artworks was done between 2010 and 2021.
Each from 77-pages contains 1\1 collectible 💎artifact which can be found online.

By purchasing artbook pages you get 24\7 support from AleksCG.pro
💎\Tree-of-Life(Elysium) - Includes 3 options of blooming tree (AR option - coming soon)

NEXT - #AleksCG\artbook21\#01page - First-Contact (edition 11\11) - entry threshold .3141ETH
           #AleksCG\artbook21\#02page - Engine-your-Heart (edition 21\21)
           #AleksCG\artbook21\#03page - Awakening (edition 31\31)

#AleksCG\artbook22! - ERC720 artBOOKcoins\ AR, VR options\motion\MUSIC - Coming SOON!

Always open to new collaborations!

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